The Hispalis Cartel

is recruiting individuals to join their ranks.

During the last months, it has suffered numerous casualties due to a bloody dispute against its enemy to take over more territory and expand the market. Over the years, the cartel has earned a reputation and it has to be maintained, so not everyone is capable to join this criminal association…

You need to have dexterity and skills to be able to manufacture the star substance, as well as astuteness and strategy to keep the enemy at bay.

To make sure that the future members are prepared to overcome the adversities and be useful for their purpose, the cartel has set a sophisticated challenge in which the candidates will have to show all these abilities.


Once you are within the heart of the cartel, know its facilities, manufacturing techniques and attack strategies, there will be no turning back… it’s too much information to let you go….

Will you be able to overcome the challenge and become a member of the most feared cartel?

puros y dinero, el cartel de híspalis

Cargando ...

Are you a member of the Cártel?

El Cártel de Híspalis