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The price of the room is 50 € and the team will be between 2 and 5 players. You will have 60 minutes to reach the goal.

The Híspalis Cartel

el cartel de hispalis, balas, arma

The Híspalis Cartel is recruiting brave to join its ranks.

During the last months it has had numerous casualties after carrying out a big dispute against the enemy, in order to gain more territory and to expand the market. Over the years, the cartel has earned a reputation it has to maintain, so not everyoine is able to join this organization… read more

Cooming Soon

Currently, in Séptimo Secreto we have available the room of The Cartel de Híspalis, but we keep working hard so you can enjoy our next room soon, only tell you that it won’t leave you indifferent….

Do you have something to give?

If you want to make a special gift or surprise someone, do not hesitate. Offer originality, fun, emotions, laughter, entertainment, give a room escape session. Nobody will surpass your gift, we guarantee the success, to leave the room will depend on your ability, haha.

Contact us and we will send you a personalized card.

el cartel de hisalis bono regalo